Where Nature Inspires Every Event

Let the great outdoors set the stage for your gatherings. Our venues merge the simplicity of design with Yosemite’s awe-inspiring beauty to craft unforgettable moments.



Celebrate in the serenity of nature, be it by the river or the mountainside. Our location promises memorable private gatherings.



Experience white-water rafting on the Merced River, hiking, and rock climbing with Yosemite’s grandeur as your backdrop. Perfect for groups seeking memorable adventures.



Located 3 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area, our resorts sit near the Yosemite entrance, set between the Merced River and Sierra Mountains.



Tailored stays for every taste. Our rooms, infused with nature, offer comfort and serenity.

Download our sample three-day itinerary to get a sneak peek into your potential experience.

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