Yosemite Wildflowers, Waterfalls, and Wildlife are Calling This Spring

Mar 1, 2023News

An extraordinary winter promises an exceptional spring in Yosemite Mariposa County this year. Familiar waterfalls will gush like few visitors have ever seen, and seasonal cascades will remain active for longer this year. Wildflowers will flow in their way, too, with colorful carpets unfurling from Yosemite Valley to the banks of the Merced River. With vehicle restrictions gone and sunny days ahead, spring and summer in Yosemite-Mariposa County will offer bountiful beauty for every visitor to behold.

“This coming spring is going to be the most exciting in my lifetime!” says Gerald Fischer, who has served as managing partner of Yosemite Resorts for almost 50 years. “The incredible amounts of snow and rain will provide us with spectacular waterfalls, and the areas that experienced fires in the past few years will come alive again with a profusion of wildflowers, offering incredible views.