Yosemite in Winter: Quiet, Beautiful, and Dynamic

Feb 26, 2024News

Article originally appeared in SFGATE.

Don’t let the quiet fool you. Winter brings plenty of activity — both the human and animal kind — to the Sierra Nevada. While the season is associated with animal hibernation and leafless trees, the canvas actually spreads wider for wildlife observation here than at any other period. It’s the time to spy a bobcat high step across a meadow, a fox pounce upon a vole beneath the snow, or a bald eagle perch on a bough above the Merced River. The Yosemite landscape reveals other wonders, including frozen waterfalls, moonbows, and giant sequoias wearing their skirts of snow.

“One of my family’s most cherished winter activities is playing in the snow in the open fields of Yosemite.” – Jerry Fischer, co-founder and president of Yosemite Resorts.